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Give Away a Personal WordPress Website or a Small WordPress Webshop as a Christmas Gift!

If you give a Personal WordPress Website as a Christmas gift, you know for sure you give something special and original.

For a limited time you can give away (or get it for yourself!) a website and/or a Smal WordPress Webshop with a huge discount (of 50%!) that can be used for:

  • Blogs: your own website where you can write your blogs and share what you think it’s important or fun with the world;
  • Small Webshop as an addition to the Blog website: blog and sell some of your art, books, home-made products. Non-commercial. (Contact me if you want to have a commercial website!)
  • Job Seekers: to help you to get the job you are looking for; including pages like: “about”, resume, testimonials, portfolio, hobbies, and contact. You can send the link to your website along with your application letter to stand out from the other candidates.I will make sure that the HR manager can easily print out the information;
  • For freelancers: to show your work (portfolio), testimonials, and an “about” page to get new clients;
  • For family and friends: to have a personal social site to share your stories, recipes, hobbies, and images with your family and friends (password protected content);

I create for you a Personal WordPress Website that contains the following:

  • 5 Pages
  • Social Media share and follow buttons
  • Image Gallery
  • SEO plugin
  • Contact Form
  • And more (see product information)

Why do I give you such a huge discount?

I started a year ago with my online business (MarsConnects), as an entrepreneur and a freelancer, I’ve gained lots of experience and valuable life skills during my first year as a startup. It’s hard work, but it’s worth every single minute. Now I want to help people who want to find out if being an entrepreneur and/ or freelancer is something that is suitable for them. With my offers, you can have a full online presence of high quality without spending too much money. Contact me if you want to have a Personal WordPress Website and/ or a Small Webshop, but don’t know exactly what is needed to have one that fits your goals. Together we get things done!

If you subscribe to my biweekly Newsletter, you’ll get 10% extra discount on the Personal WordPress Website or the Small Webshop added to a WordPress Blog!
This Newsletter keeps you informed of the latest actions and blog articles interesting for entrepreneurs, freelancers, location independent people, and wannabees. Visit MarsConnects and you will see what you can expect.

Have a look at the other services I can provide you to extend the website with what you need. Contact me if there is something else I can do for you to give you the personal website you like to have or to give away.

You can also buy a coupon to give away for Christmas, so that person can contact me to have the personal WordPress website or a Small Webshop created according to their liking.

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